Monday, September 29, 2008

In Florida

>I had my first day of RAP today, we went to a high school and there wasn't really any kids interested so it was kinda boring. I got there at 930 and i stayed till 3 pretty sweet huh. I wish i didn't have to work at all but doesn't everyone. I am excited for Friday because i'm going out with my friend Tracy. Tracy and i were roommates in our phase 1 of tech school. she is stationed out here so we are going to go out of Friday. I wish i knew more people here, i get kinda bored here by myself. I love being with my mom but i wish i could go out with friends. It would be different if i was in Seattle, i dont think i would have a free min. if i was there.

>I'm really starting to miss my friends in Ohio. I really miss Natalie and Perez. I'm happy to be gone but i miss hanging out with everyone. I'm going to the gym tonight, I'm pretty excited to be working out again. 

Well I'm gonna go now

Love Love -S- 

Friday, September 26, 2008

First weekend home!!!

>So it is my first Friday(well now Saturday) at home. Anna moved out today, She is not yet at the home across the street but may be there by Sunday. This is for the best, and i hope it works out for her. It was just communication issues between my mom and Anna. But now it is just my mom and I and i'm happy about that. It is much easier around here since we know each other so well. 
>Tonight we went to the Mickey's not so scary halloween party. It was fun, the park was open after hours for a special costume party thing. My mom went as a pirate and i went as a flapper. They had trick or treating, and special parades and fireworks. It was mostly for the little kids but i love Disney so it was fun. Saturday night i'm going out with my only friend in FL Tony. I haven't seen him since Christmas so i'm excited. We met when we were in Tech school at Sheppard. 
>in two weeks the family and i are going to the Halloween thing at Universal Studios and I'm excited because this is a scary thing, not at all like Disney. I start RAP on Monday, i still don't know what they are going to have me do. Some places don't really make you work, they just sign that papers that said you did and let you be with your family. So we will see, I want to work some and i hope there is a DEP program so i can go and talk to all of the people who are about to join the Air Force...Well it is almost 2:30 A.M. so I'm going to go to sleep...Got a Frenchie walk tomorrow!!

Love Love -S- 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!

>So i have not posted in a long time. I was busy packing up my room in Ohio, and i packed my computer so i couldn't post. I did use my friends computer but i forgot what e-mail i used for this..haha so i couldn't post.

>I'm now in FL, we had a long drive and for the most part it was good, yes mom and i argued for a little bit, but what fun would a road trip be without a little arguing. But we made it home and i'm soooo happy to be home. I missed my dogs and house so much. It is only the 3rd day of being home and it is now 1230 and i have yet to do what i need to do. Oh well I have to go sign up at the gym, i'm only going to be here for a month but i dont want to be sitting at home. I really only have one friend who lives here and he is also in the Air Force so i cant see him during the day, so i have to occupy my time. 

>There are some issues with Anna the exchange student that i dont know if my mom has talked about since her parents read my moms blog (Nothing bad.. but she just can't vent.) So Anna is probably going to move houses, she said that my mom and her just dont click, she likes my mom but their personalities dont mesh. I think Anna is a little, well a lot spoiled and isnt used to not being waited on hand and foot. The neighbor got involved and Anna might move over there. Anyone reading this will know that her moving across the street will not be a good idea. We have to live with the neighboors and this is very shady of the neighboors to do. I have only meet them once but i dont like shady people. So we will see how this goes, Anna wants to talk with me tonight so we will see. But i think it is good if she leaves because then we can leave for Seattle earlier and i would like that so much better. 

>Well I'm going to go, i have written a lot and i have to go or else i will never get off..

Love Love -S-

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weird Weather

So for about 3 hours now we have had very strong winds. Our power on base has gone out and come back and gone out and come is back on now but i'm pretty positive that it will not stay like that. I am doing laundry and i just hope that the power holds on for long enough so i can finish my stupid laundry....ugh

Love Love -S-

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I want my hair to grow faster!!!!!!

> Ugh.. So a few weekends ago i cut my hair...BIG Mistake!!! My hair was a little past my shoulders and i cut it above my shoulders...I though it was cute and i was getting bored with the in between stage..and now i hate it i cant wait for it to get longer again. this time i will NEVER NEVER NEVER cut it again.... I really really don't like it short, everyone says they like i but i just want it to be long again. 

i was looking at pictures and just needed to say how much i hate my hair...ugh only 15 months to wait until it gets to the length it was, and i will NEVER cut it again.

Love Love -S-

Thank You!!

> This is a thank you to all who have posted comments on my blog. I am in the middle of moving bases so I'm very sorry that i can't get back to you all individually. So i just wanted to say thank you!!!!!


Love Love -S-


>Its Saturday and I'm spending the whole day packing and organizing my room. I really hate packing and I have so much junk to pack, I already have 2 trash bags of things that I don't need, and have 1 bag of clothes and things I'm going to take to goodwill. My room is a disaster right now. I have gotten a lot of things done but i still feel like i have so much to do. Next Wednesday the packers are coming to pack all of my things up to go to my next base in WA. I also have to pack for when i go home. The thing that sucks about this is that I have to pack for the warm weather at home in FL and also the cold weather for when we arrive in WA. It will be late Oct. and starting to get cold in WA. UGH!!

Love Love -S-

Friday, September 12, 2008

Faith The Dog

So i was reading a People magazine and i came across the story of Faith. Faith is a two yes two legged dog. She is as cute as can be, and she walks on two legs. Just thought i would share this video with everyone.

Check out the video

love love -S-

Monday, September 8, 2008

My New Favorite book

>My mom just sent me some mail today, she sent me the book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I am so happy that she sent it to me, i read it in about 2 1/2 hrs. It is very easy to read and one of the best inspirational books i have ever read. It really is one of the best books i have read. If you haven't read it.. GO READ IT!!!!! and go to YouTube and watch the video The Last Lecture... It made me laugh and cry, it is a book i will give to my kids one day. 

Thanks Mom...

Love Love -S-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lazy Weekend.... Just what i needed

>Friday me and my girl Natalie went out to have a girls night. Most of the time when we go and try to have a girls night it doesn't end up a girls night, we run into people we know or one of the boys wants to tag along...but not Friday it was so much fun just me and her. We went to Bar Louie and had dinner and a few drinks(never again because it was so expensive) But the waiter was cute :)  The after that we went to the Pub to check it out since we have never been there. It was ok, but not really that busy, so we had a drink there and then walked over to Adobes... All of these places are in a shopping center called the Green, they have bars, restaurants, and what else but shopping.. Adobes was packed so we stayed there for a few hours, then got a ride home and went to sleep.... Good Night!!!

>Saturday Nat and I did NOTHING... Nothing at all, we laid in her bed all day and watch movies and watched episodes of the OC...It was one of the best days. I haven't just spent all day in bed watching movies in a long time. So there isn't much to say about Sat. 

>and Today... I plan of cleaning out my car and maybe getting it washed and i need to clean my room, and get my blues ready to wear on Monday....

Love Love -S-

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sun, Sand, and Beach....I can't wait

>So now i'm just getting very anxious waiting to go home. I only have a little over 2 weeks till i get to leave Wright-Patt. AHHHH I just want to be home. I miss good food, and i want to go to the beach. 
>We just found out today that the new commander of the Air Force is now wanting everyone to wear their blues on Mondays...EVERY Monday!! ugh Before it was only on the last day of the month we wore our blues. I like them and all but it sucks because they are uncomfortable, and working with body fluids is not fun in blues.  One time during my phase 1 i was getting my blood drawn by another student and she pulled out the needle and blood spilled all over my blues skirt.
>Well i don't really have anything else to say. but that this is getting very addicting... 

Love Love -S-

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just another day in the lab

>I'm almost done!!! i can't wait to get home and see my mom and my puppies. just a little over 2 weeks left. I'm done with classes and now all i have to do it finish training in my section. I'm in Microbiology now, by far it is my favorite section to work in. I'm doing my PDL now which is just a practical of what we know in micro. I'm on my others PDL now which is all the specimens we get other than urine, throats, and stool. So it is pretty much MRSA swabs, genital swabs and other body fluids, and wounds. This is the toughest PDL we have in micro. There is just so many different organisms in others. 

>Next week i start parasitology, that is my favorite. it is probably the grossest thing we study but it is the coolest. A few weeks ago a worm came in that they found in a two year old infant's diaper. At first we thought it looked like a normal earth worm that had exploded(by the way if you ever find a worm, don't put it in tap water. The osmotic pressure of the tap water will cause it to explode..a little fun fact ha ha) But the only way to determine what kind of worm it is is to find eggs in the stool. So they finally found an egg in the stool. it was Trichuris-Trichiura, or Whipworm.  the egg,  and the worm. 
This looks a lot like what we found in the diaper. I would be scared to find this in my kids gives me the creeps thinking about that girls parents finding it... Well they found out that they had just gotten a new dog so that was probably the cause. but for her to have a large worm means that she had a pretty bad infection. They give meds to kill it and you have to wait to poop all the worms out. well that is my fun Micro story for you..

Love Love -S-

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks All!!!

Thanks to all of you that have visited my page and left all of the nice comments...

I hope i can get better at this blogging thing haha

Happy Labor Day!!!


Phase 2

>with our job we have 2 phases of training, phase 1 which i already talked about and then Phase 2. There are about 10 bases for Phase 2 i picked Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton OH. Here we have a little classroom but mostly work in the lab with real patient samples. It has been an up and down time for me here. I have had some great times and some not so great times. But i became friends with Kaitlyn and Natalie and i would be nothing without friends like them. 
>We have done some cool things here like the MASH Bash for our commanders going away party. We all dressed in our uniforms for dinner and had a huge water fight it was one of the best times here at Wright-Patt. I have also seen some cool things in our lab, like the little 2yr old girl that has a parasitic worm, i saw the actual worm it was really cool to see. But we are still "Students" and that sucks we cant hang out with the Perm. Party. and there is a lot of BS that comes with being a student. But in just 21 days Yes 21 days i will be at home in FL with my mom for a months long Vacay before going to my new base.

YAY!!! only 21 more days!!!

Phase 1

>I am a Medical Lab Tech in the USAF. That means one of the longest Tech. Schools in the Air Force and the longest in the medical field. We have 13 months of training, the first is 4 months at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls Texas. for me it was 5 1/2 months(I got sick and was not in training for a month) GO CQ!!! haha This training is mostly class work and tests. We have 3 phases back at the dorms, phase 1 is about 2 weeks it is where you must be in uniform whenever you are outside(i had this 2 times, Phase back) The 2nd phase is where you can wear civies(civilian clothes) outside of the dorms but to go off base you have to be in your blues(i had this one 3 times) and the 3rd phase is where you do not have a curfew on the weekends, and you can wear civies off base. A phase back is where you do something wrong and the MTL's can put you back a phase. i was phased back from phase 3 to phase 2 and then two days after i hit phase 3 i was phased back to phase 1, then i had to go through the phase up process again. It sucked!! 
>I met a lot of really great people in my phase one including my two best friends Kaitlyn and Natalie. Without them i don't know where i would be.  We didn't become friend until phase 2.

Basic Traning

>I joined the Air Force in May of 2007, May 15th to be exact. The first few weeks at basic are kind of a blur. There was so much going on that i don't really remember anything until the first phone call home except for the first night we got there.  
>We left the Portland Airport in the afternoon of May 15th. There was 13 of us heading to Basic, i was the only girl. The first plane ride over there was good, we stopped in i think it was Denver, we got food and was on the plane headed to San Antonio Texas. I got so sick on the plane to Texas, i hate flying i had a headache and was so motion sick. Then we got off the plane and i didn't get a chance to call my mom and tell her that i was there(which i regret because we didn't get to call until our 2nd week) There was sooo much in processing to do(which is very common for the military as i know now) It wasnt even until 3am that we met one of our TI's and got to our dorms. I was so tired i didnt even have a chance to think about home. The next day is when we met our "team" of TI's but TSgt. Spriggs was the main man. He ran the show, the others were just there to help. 
>The overall experience of basic was good, It has been the best time i have had in the Air Force since i joined. I do miss it sometimes.