Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am so MAD.. People are so stupid

>I am quite mad about the story about the chimp that was killed because he attacked the owners friend. I don't think that the chimp should have been killed. I blame the owner 100%. Even though the chimp was house trained and had never attacked before.. it is still a wild animal and no one should have them as pets. I love chimps and i hope to work with them someday but i know that dangers that they can attack at a moments notice. it is the same with dogs, they can attack if they feel threatened. This story makes me sick. She should have never had the chimp. They belong in a protected environment, and not in someone's home. it just makes me so mad. Chimps are such beautiful creatures and deserve to be where they belong in the wild, or in a place where they can be animals. You cannot turn one into a human, no matter how hard you try. even if they are house trained and can bathe and dress them selfs. These animals are known to be agressive, and are WILD they will attack if they feel threatened. The chimp had to have felt threatened for some reason if it had never attacked before. They have tasers and tranquilizers for a reason. 

>>>This is my opinion and you don't have to like it. <<<

LoveLove -S-