Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New to This!!

>>Hey everyone... So I am Shay, i am in the USAF. I'm a Medical Lab Tech. I really am not sure what to write since this is my first stab at this. My mom has a blog so i thought i would get one 2!! It seem like the new thing to do... I grew up in the Seattle area, I'm an Army brat and i never thought that i would join the military but fast forward 21 years and here i am in the Air Force... Who would have thunk? I am in Dayton OH at WPAFB. I'm here for my phase 2 of training, then I'm off to WA again, but this time on the East side. I will be at Fairchild AFB in Spokane WA. 
>>I love to try new things and would say that I'm a girly girl but i love to do some things outdoors, like snowboarding!! I LOVE to shop and  is a FAVORITE!! well I'm not sure what to say...

So i will leave it at this for now

Love Love -S-

P.S. Love You Mamma!!!!