Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wow! I have a lot of updates!

>I haven't posted anything since March of 2009... I have a few updates since then... 

>Lets see, I am still at Fairchild AFB, and i really do love it. I like the base not the weather and i LOVE my lab (ok except for the select 2 people i don't really get along with). I got Airman of the Quarter for my squadron in June. I'm still a PTL(physical training leader) for  my squadron and I'm really involved with that. 

>I got to go home in June and see my family, i got to meet a lot of family that i haven't met before. That was a good trip, i hope to see everyone again soon.

>I finished my CDCs early and was upgraded in my work level. I started taking classes at Park University on base. I am just my 6 management credits short of my CCAF. After i get my CCAF i want to start a lab program thru either University of Cincinnati or University of North Dakota. Both have online Lab degrees. If i get my degree before my 6 years is up i want to commission and become an officer. As of right now i want to continue a career in the Air Force. I am thinking that if i stay in after i get my lab degree i will cross train into Radiology(another long tech school) then i will get a degree in Radiology so i will have two degrees in Lab and Radio..and i will get my Ultrasound tech license. Then i might try to commission after 10 years and become a Officer. 

>I just found out that i will be deploying to Baghdad, Iraq on January 10th. I'm going to be a TCN(Third Country Nationals) escort. So pretty much my job is to watch the third country nationals work and make sure they are not trying to get any information about our base. I'm really excited to go. I wasn't going to get to deploy but i have a really great Major that was pretty much fighting for me to go. I will keep everyone updated on my deployment. For now i have a month till i leave and a lot of things to get done before i go.

Thats about it for now!

LoveLove -S-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Update..It's been awhile

>Hello everyone! It has been awhile since i was last on here. I guess i will give an update...

>I'm still at Fairchild AFB in Spokane, WA. and it is COLD!! It was starting to get nice out and then two days ago it snowed yet again.. and today it was 6 degrees when i got to work... brrr.. I don't mind Spokane, i think once the weather starts to get nice and i can do more outdoor things i will be much happier.. 

>In June i get to go home for 2 1/2 weeks.. we are going to Destin, FL for a week with my dad's family. there will be 19 of us and i'm super excited!! Then i get to spend a week and a half at home in Tampa. I get to see some of my friends, like Tony and Tracy. and i also get to see my friend Josh from Tech school. He gets to see my mom before i do..sad :(

>I started Jenny Craig with my mom, cuz i need to eat better. Eating at the Dining Facility everyday was making me fat. I work out at least 4 days a week but i cant eat right. So this is helping me learn to eat right. I'm on my first week so we will see how it goes.. I hope to lose about 35lbs total. and about 20lbs by June.

>well that is about it for now

>Love Love -S-

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am so MAD.. People are so stupid

>I am quite mad about the story about the chimp that was killed because he attacked the owners friend. I don't think that the chimp should have been killed. I blame the owner 100%. Even though the chimp was house trained and had never attacked before.. it is still a wild animal and no one should have them as pets. I love chimps and i hope to work with them someday but i know that dangers that they can attack at a moments notice. it is the same with dogs, they can attack if they feel threatened. This story makes me sick. She should have never had the chimp. They belong in a protected environment, and not in someone's home. it just makes me so mad. Chimps are such beautiful creatures and deserve to be where they belong in the wild, or in a place where they can be animals. You cannot turn one into a human, no matter how hard you try. even if they are house trained and can bathe and dress them selfs. These animals are known to be agressive, and are WILD they will attack if they feel threatened. The chimp had to have felt threatened for some reason if it had never attacked before. They have tasers and tranquilizers for a reason. 

>>>This is my opinion and you don't have to like it. <<<

LoveLove -S-

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a LONG time..

>It has been forever since i have been on here... Life is good, the job is great. I'm hoping to get BTZ. I just got the Diamond Sharp Troop award, and a Command Chief Coin. I have meet some really cool people. But i feel that i am done with Military guys haha... I need to meet civilians.. 

>It snowed A LOT we got 60 inches in December.. But it hasn't snowed in Jan yet.. i'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't I went snowboarding last weekend and i'm going again on Sunday. I'm starting to do a lot more volunteering as well. I am going to start working at the Inland Northwest Blood Center, i'm not sure what i'm going to be doing exactly but it is pretty close to what i have done in the past at Wright-Patts blood donor center. I also want to start teaching CPR classes to kids at the Red Cross. I am also going to be a PTL for my work. It is a Physical Training Leader.. I will lead PT classes and do peoples fitness test.

>well thats an update.. 

LoveLove -S-

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so mad at my Lab

>So i am in Spokane WA. That is about 4 hours away from Seattle. I was all set to leave tomorrow to go home to Seattle to see my Uncle and friends, since i can't see my mom or dad. I saw my NCOIC on Sat and she said that it will be fine if i go to Seattle...well she calls me at 930 tonight and says that i will have to take leave if i want to go....I DONT HAVE THAT MUCH LEAVE!!!!!!! This SUCKS...i'm so mad/sad/i dont even know i'm just plain PISSED. Dont tell me it is ok and then wait for the day before i was leaving to say it is not ok....FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my language. i just need some very much needed ranting and raving....

>>Sorry all

LoveLove -S-

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Spokane!!

>Today is the end of my first week of operational Air Force..I'm not a student anymore!!!! So far i haven't really met anyone, i'm shy and i live in the services dorm and people work all different shifts. The base is nice and i really love my lab. 

>I can't wait for it to snow so i can go snowboarding... I don't really have much else to say..

LoveLove -S-

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last week in FL

>It is my last week in FL. We haven't really done that much here. My mom and i went to the Martina McBride concert, that was fun. Martina puts on a good show, I didn't really know any of the opening acts but they were good. Then we went to the Universal Halloween thing and it was not worth the money. Maybe if you bought the fast pass thing it would have been but that was two times the amount of the ticket to get in. We had to wait about 2 hrs in one line. We left after that. 

>I wanted to go to the pool and lay out today but it looks like it is going to rain...ugh Florida weather sucks. Maybe it will clear up later(I hope) Molly is now gone with Wes, i think the other dogs really miss her...i miss her. I haven't even taken any pictures here, oh well i will before i leave. I'm excited to take pictures of our Road Trip. It is going to be really pretty up north, its already snowing in places. i NEED to get some warmer clothes!!

>I'm excited to see all of my friends in Seattle, i haven't seen any of them for almost 2 years. I feel like i wont have enough time to see everyone because i only have a week and there is a lot of people to see. But i will only be 4 hrs away so i guess i can see them more later. 

I gotta run, gonna go workout and hopefully go to the pool

LoveLove -S-