Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last week in FL

>It is my last week in FL. We haven't really done that much here. My mom and i went to the Martina McBride concert, that was fun. Martina puts on a good show, I didn't really know any of the opening acts but they were good. Then we went to the Universal Halloween thing and it was not worth the money. Maybe if you bought the fast pass thing it would have been but that was two times the amount of the ticket to get in. We had to wait about 2 hrs in one line. We left after that. 

>I wanted to go to the pool and lay out today but it looks like it is going to rain...ugh Florida weather sucks. Maybe it will clear up later(I hope) Molly is now gone with Wes, i think the other dogs really miss her...i miss her. I haven't even taken any pictures here, oh well i will before i leave. I'm excited to take pictures of our Road Trip. It is going to be really pretty up north, its already snowing in places. i NEED to get some warmer clothes!!

>I'm excited to see all of my friends in Seattle, i haven't seen any of them for almost 2 years. I feel like i wont have enough time to see everyone because i only have a week and there is a lot of people to see. But i will only be 4 hrs away so i guess i can see them more later. 

I gotta run, gonna go workout and hopefully go to the pool

LoveLove -S- 

Monday, October 6, 2008

2nd Week of RAP

>So i got some comments about people not knowing what RAP was. RAP is Recruiter Assistance Program. It is where you go and work at a recruiters office (it can be anyone not just your recruiter) You come and work for 2 weeks with 1 weekend. It is FREE leave, they don't charge it to your account which is really nice. It is pretty easy work, just hanging out at the office and helping with recruits and trying to get people to join. But that is what RAP is, and a DEP is a Delayed Entry Program. They are the kids waiting to go into the AF, either they don't have a job or are just waiting to leave.

>I went out this past weekend with my friend Tracy, we were roommates at phase 1 of tech school. It was a fun weekend and i'm so glad that i got to see her, it had been a year! People still dont believe me that my phase 1 roomie and i got along. Most people don't like their roommate, i got very lucky.

>We went to the beach on Sat. and it was a lot of fun, i wanna go back. I'm going to go to the pool tomorrow after work as long as it is not raining, which it probably will be. I'm excited for colder weather, it really sucks going from inside the gym to outside where it is HOTTER than inside the gym..ugh

gonna go....ttyl

Love Love -S-