Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a LONG time..

>It has been forever since i have been on here... Life is good, the job is great. I'm hoping to get BTZ. I just got the Diamond Sharp Troop award, and a Command Chief Coin. I have meet some really cool people. But i feel that i am done with Military guys haha... I need to meet civilians.. 

>It snowed A LOT we got 60 inches in December.. But it hasn't snowed in Jan yet.. i'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't I went snowboarding last weekend and i'm going again on Sunday. I'm starting to do a lot more volunteering as well. I am going to start working at the Inland Northwest Blood Center, i'm not sure what i'm going to be doing exactly but it is pretty close to what i have done in the past at Wright-Patts blood donor center. I also want to start teaching CPR classes to kids at the Red Cross. I am also going to be a PTL for my work. It is a Physical Training Leader.. I will lead PT classes and do peoples fitness test.

>well thats an update.. 

LoveLove -S-