Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Spokane!!

>Today is the end of my first week of operational Air Force..I'm not a student anymore!!!! So far i haven't really met anyone, i'm shy and i live in the services dorm and people work all different shifts. The base is nice and i really love my lab. 

>I can't wait for it to snow so i can go snowboarding... I don't really have much else to say..

LoveLove -S-


Christopher's mom said...

Good Luck Shay,
I am sure it will not take to much time before you are overloaded with new friends. I am glad you are enjoying your new lab and Congrats on no longer being a student.

Reddirt Woman said...

Congratulations on your graduation. Don't forget, when you go snowboarding to take photos for all of us to enjoy, too.


AirmanMom said...

Shay...enjoy this new chapter of your life!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

GingerJar said...

Congrat's on you graduation. You are a beautiful young woman, you should be making friends soon. It's always weird when your the new guy/girl. I would love to see Spokane. My dad lived there when Mt. St. Helen's blew. He said it rained ashes for a long time, he had to wear a mask to work (he worked construction). I have this plaque of a wolf made from the "ashes of Mt. St. Helen's"'s my favorite knick-knack. I followed your blog from reddirt woman. I'm a nurse and I live in Texas, down by the Rio Grande...almost in the ocean and almost in Mexico. Way snow, no moutains....In fact we still have 80 degree weather right now.

Oh, and I REALLY love your name. My youngest boy's name is Benjamin Shae (sounds the same) I love the name Shae/Shay and that's what I wanted to call him, but he wound up being "Ben".


Sage said...


Just wanted to say thank you for serving our country. God bless you.


Tonjia said...

YAAY! enjoy your time Shay, you will make great friends soon.

Lisa said...

Well, things must have changed for your last posting was Nov 9th, and here it is two weeks later....are you busy now? Hope you are making new friends and maybe even doing some of that snowboarding!